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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Clouds & Cream Tour

Clouds & Cream is our second single off forthcoming album Caress Your Hole, I mean, Soul. We were all wrapped to see the song getting love from the J's and doing well on the charts, so the boys thought it'd be rude not to go on tour again. 
We'll be kicking it off on NYE at Woodford Folk Festival, performing at midnight for the new year countdown. We've had some of our loosest experiences at Woodfordia, so we're gobsmacked that they'd let us legheads back! Aside from the party, we've met some real dudes at Woodford and built a strong live show so we're real stoked to be hitting the countdown and really greatful to the festival organizers who are no doubt the biggest chillers in Oz. Oh, and if you're reading this Marz, please don't run up on stage this year. Ta
Having just been announced as one of Triple J's Next Crop, I think the lads are more excited than ever to hit the road, though it'd be great to have the C&C videoclip released. Luckily, for everyone's sake it'll be out this week so stay tuned brudaz.  
This tour's gonna be a real catch up session with all ours fans who have turned out to be more like family. Particularly keen to sink a few with Teeps from Radelaide and to send back some chilli shots with the crew down in Rye. Churrr. Will be good to see all our brudaz so don't be shy and come have a chat.
Yours sincerely but not faithfully,

Probably could've mentioned the tour dates as well. Er!

Dec 30, 31 & Jan 1 | | WOODFORD festival | | Woodford QLD

Jan Fri 4 | | Great Northern Hotel | | Byron Bay, NSW
Tickets to The Great Northern here!
Jan Sat 5 | | Seaview Hotel | | Woolgoolga, NSW

Jan Fri 11 | |The Governor Hindmarsh | | Adelaide, SA
Jan Fri 18 | | Northcote Social Club | | Northcote, VIC
Tickets selling fast!!!

Jan Sat 19 | | Baha | | Rye, VIC
Jan Sun 20 | | TBC | | VIC

Jan 26 -TBC - NSW

Feb Fri 1 | | Wollongong Town Hall | | Wollongong - NSW
Feb Sat 2 | | The Cambridge | | Newcastle - NSW


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Triple J Hottest 100

    We think Sticky can get onto Triple J's Hottest 100 but they need your help!!!

Voting opens on December 19th at midday (that's in two days folks) and closes on the 20th of January at midnight.

They will play the countdown on the 26th of January and we hope to hear Sticky's Clouds & Cream and Caress Your Soul blasting through the airwaves that day.

So get your vote on and help Clouds & Cream and Caress Your Soul make it onto the most influential countdown in Australia!

Vote for Sticky Fingers here!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hiya music lovers,
thanks to your caring souls, Caress Your Soul is still charging and charting all around the world but  ... we're keen to go again, so we've just unleashed our brand new single.

Clouds & Cream is the second single from the album - which will be called Caress Your Soul and that'll be out in March 2013, hey, it'll take us that long to get it organised.

In any event, Clouds & Cream has just been added to JJJ, so we're stoked about that and you can request it if you like at the Goodnights with Linda show - here's a link:

or text em on 0439 757 555 ...
and ... Paddy did up a pic for the cover.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

HOMEBAKE ... and all that ...

OCT | Fri 19 | UTAS | Hobart, TAS

OCT | Sat 20 | Coolie Hotel | Coolongatta, QLD

OCT | Fri 26 | Woollongong Town Hall | Woollongong, N.S.W

NOV | Fri 02 | The Standard | Sydney, N.S.W

In other news, we’ve just been added to the Homebake bill! Who will be there to support and get messy with us? We’ve also got some killer shows coming up very, very soon. Only a week til we play UTAS down in Hobart then fly up to Coolie for our show at the Coolangatta Hotel, which we cannot wait for so getcho’ tickets early or you might just miss out. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pic here .. is from the Gov

Cheers to everyone who made it out to our gigs over the weekend, hectic. We're stoked to have sold out The Joynt and Sol Bar and with surf punk madogs Rogerthat helping us pack out the Northern in Byron on Friday night, the weekend couldn't have been better.

Heres your chance to grab your tix early

MELB Thurs 04 Oct | The Workers -  selling pretty fast|

COOLIE Sat 20 Oct | Coolangatta Hotel |

SYD Fri 2 Nov| The Standard |

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Caress Your Mole

We’re currently running flat-strap around the country doing what we do and feeling plenty of love in return! ‘Caress Your Soul’ is enjoying high rotation on the Jays and we’re all smiles, well some laughs and some other shit as well but you know - in keeping with the expression. 
We can always use the help of you guys though, so if you wanna keep hearing it on the radio, give it a super request! Also gotta give big ups to Triple J for the high rotation action.

Last night was an awesome gig selling out The Joynt in Brisbane, hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did. So much good energy filling the air. Next up is WA! From the 27th – 30th we’ll be playing for you guys and then heading down to VIC from the 4th – 6th of October.

Hope to see some new and familiar faces at the gigs over the weekend, and for the rest of the tour. We’re playing in Byron tonight!! Coolie soon heres the link to get your tix:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Caress Your Bowl

We think this could be the best Sticky tour yet, with "Caress Your Soul" hitting No. 1 on the Australian independent releases chart - not quite sure what that means - and doing alright rotation wise on Triple J for the past three weeks and  .... plus it's gonna be the last major tour for the year.

A couple of lots of tickets are on sale now, for the Workers Club  go here:

as well as for the Gov in Adelaide - hit up the Gov site - so if you get the chance grab your ticket now.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


'There is something good about finding a band just as honest as Sticky Fingers high on the triple j rotation list. Another with that loose reggae feeling underpinning Caress Your Soul (Independant), which works as pop music, but not the disposable kind.'  - Drum Media, 7 August 2012.

'Sticky Fingers; they may be mental, but I'll forgive them if they keep making records like this' - 1SONGADAY BLOG

'When I read your track titles, I'm all like, "Eww dirty cock-rock band". And then I listen to your songs and I go, "Wow! Super talented chaps with great songs!". Keep the surprises coming!'
- Gemma Pike, Triple J

'Solid tune! these lads have been showing steady progression over the past few years, and this song has nailed it!'
- Nick Findlay, Triple J

'Man, how are you guys so consistent? This new single is such a tight jam full of crystal production and straight up cool charm. I'm a huge fan.'
- Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stoked that CARESS YOUR SOUL has made it on to
Triple J

AND onto the new Tone Deaf mix tape with The Darkness and King Gizzard. How about them apples.
Then there is our last big tour of the year, here's a preview of the dates...
AUGUST | FRI 17 |Townsville cultural festival
AUGUST |SAT 18 | Townsville cultural festival

SEPT | Sat 15 | The Gov | Adelaide, S.A

Tickets on sale now. Available via the venue.  (08) 8340 0744

SEPT | Thurs 20 | The Joynt | Brisbane, Q.L.D
SEPT | Fri 21 | Great Northern | Byron Bay, QLD
SEPT | Sat 22 | Sol Bar | Sunshine Coast, Q.L.D

SEPT | Thurs 27 | Indi Bar | Perth, W.A.
SEPT | Fri 28 | Settlers Tavern | Perth, W.A.
SEPT | Sat 29 | Prince of Wales Hotel | Bunbury, W.A.
SEPT | Sun 30 | The White Star | Albany, W.A

OCT | Thur 04 | Workers Club | Collingwood, VIC

Tickets on sale. Available via the venue.  (03) 9415 8889OCT | Fri 05 | Baha Tacos | Rye, VIC
OCT | Sat 06 | Espy-The Front Bar | Melbourne, VIC

OCT | Sun 07 | The Front Cafe | Canberra

OCT | Sat 13 | To Be Confirmed | Sydney, N.S.W
OCT | Sat 20 | Coolangatta Hotel | Coolangatta, QLD
OCT | Sun 21 | (Sunday Session Greenslopes, All Ages) | Brisbane, QLD

OCT | Fri 26 | Woollongong Town Hall | Woollongong, N.S.W
NOV | Fri 02 | The Standard | Sydney, N.S.W

On the weekend before last we cruised down king street. LOOSE sticky live gig on the back of a fire truck, with booze, car bombing, last minute changes and all round chaos. It almost didn’t happen which is a long story, won’t go into here, a few other bits of typical stickiness but in the end it was a blast, easily one of the funnest gigs we've ever done. There’s more footage on the net which we'll link you up to later.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

CARESS YOUR SOUL has been released

It is the bands first single from their upcoming Debut Album– and good news Caress has been added to JJJ this week.

request it here:

and check it out at:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Check it, hidding in the studio punchin out a melodic, melancholic, mega hectic melange of sound, singing songs about break ups and about feeling low and getting high (what we do best) , meant we could released our hectic new single "Caress Your Soul" for our up coming debut album and yes....last TOUR of the year (announcing soon).

So, yep... Psych, surf dub garage: Caress your Soul we think smashes it all together and we're pretty pumped.

Check out the song and the dates so you can catch a show!

Sticky Crew

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yo, Hollywood here,
So in the studio. Sitting here writing about it. Watching dizza bust out some choice vocal tracks. Been here all week with some serious meat being laid down by all the band. We recorded 14 demos over a few days which were a collection of songs from 1 year old to written just days before pre-production, more than half are fresh, BOOM! Really turned on by this batch of songs with some real standout numbers. We'll be hitting the road and trying them out in June.

JUNE | Fri 15 | Ed Castle | Adelaide, S.A
JUNE | Sat 16 | Jetty Bar | Adelaide, S.A
JUNE | Sun 17 | Glenelg Surf Club | Adelaide, S.A
JUNE | Fri 22 | Sol Bar | Sunshine Coast, Q.L.D
JUNE | Sat 23 | Gt Northern | Byron Bay, N.S.W
JUNE | Sun 24 | The Joint | Brisbane, Q.L.D
JULY | Fri 6 | Annandale | Sydney, NSW
tickets on sale for the Annandale

Friday, May 25, 2012

a Couple new dates ...

Allo everybody, what's happening? it's Paddy here, bass player/ unofficially best looking member oh dem Sticky Fingers. We've been keeping real busy since wrapping up on the 2QETUILAZ tour with it's odd 40 shows of late 2011/ early 2012. For those who couldn't figure out how to pronounce 2QETUILAZ, you say it like this: TOO-KE-TEEL-AZ ... Hollywood can't order tequila right when he's drunk. Bit of an in joke. Actually a really stupid name for a tour looking back.

We're feeling pretty hot in the studio at the moment. The band recently recorded a whopping fifteen demos. Heaps excited to show off our new material in the coming months.

This week we had to do the near impossible task of choosing our favourite six of these demos for our third & hopefully best EP, which we've decided to name CARESS YOUR SOUL ... pretty cool huh?

Next week we're heading back into the studio to re record the chosen toons extra snappy like, before mixing, mastering, & releasing them out into the wild ... CARESS YOUR SOUL is looking to be released late 2012.

Until then, we couldn't resist the urge to play a few shows ...
JUNE | Fri 15 | *to be announced* | Adelaide, S.A
JUNE | Sat 16 | Jetty Bar | Adelaide, S.A
JUNE | Sun 17 | La Mar Surf Club | Adelaide, S.A
JUNE | Fri 22 | Sol Bar | Sunshine Coast, Q.L.D
JUNE | Sat 23 | Gt Northern | Byron Bay, N.S.W
JUNE | Sun 24 | The Joint | Brisbane, Q.L.D
remember we on Facebook too ...

Friday, May 11, 2012

secret sydney gig ... coming up

We've got one ... coming up ...

also been back in the studies working on a bunch of new Sticky toons that'll make up the next EP.
We're stinging to get it done.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sticky surf & fistful o Newtown

Ayup, back on deck, just thought we'd let you know we're heading back into the studio at the begining of May and running thru another 5 or so songs. This is heading toward our next EP, anbd we're looking to put out a single in June then the EP later in the year. We'll be keeping you posted on that one. In the meantime, we've just wrapped the tour as Beaks' letter below says. There have also been a couple of new Sticky appearances: firstly a clip made of our Newtown festival appearance last year. It's tops. SEE IT HERE more shortly ...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

2 quetilaz - letter from Beaks

If only I could remember half of what happened, that'd be cool but from what I do remember it has been the best tour so far. I mean they always keep getting better, but this time round you could really tell. We had the most amount of shows, people and fun we've ever had in the space of a month and man it was wild.

The highlights of the tour for me were the Jetty Bar in Adelaide, Indi Bar in Perth, The Espy, Baha in Rye (the best taco and music venue), The Great Northern up in Byron and last but not least Sol Bar up on the Sunshine Coast was also sick. It was our last show but also one of the best.

Apart from all the hangovers and hotel damage bills it was actually a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone that came back, to everyone that came for the first time and cheers to all the people that put us with us and showed us around their towns. We'll see you real soon.

During small breaks on this tour we managed to do some recordings. We’ve got seven tracks down and are planning on recording another seven in the next couple of weeks. We're going to pick the best 5 or 6 to make our next EP. Its been going well and all the tracks so far have come up better than expected which we're all pretty stoked about that. It’s been a long time since we last recorded and we're all excited to be getting back into it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

We're In It !!! ( Bottom left-hand corner if you squint really hard )

People and venues of WA , VIC , QLD and NSW we love you all but a big thankyou especially to the sexy people at the Espy , Baha and Indi Bar for all your love so far.
Sydneysiders you are not forgotton though and are in for a treat this weekend with a performance tonight at the Go Here, Go There Festival at the Kings Cross Hotel and another one tomorrow at the not so secret, Secret Garden Festival. Amongst the touring we're are also hitting the studio next Tuesday to record some demos and then back on the road hitting up Queensland in April. Also in late April we're looking forward to some co-headlined shows at the Beach Rd. Hotel and Mona Vale Hotel with King Tide and Lime Cordiale respectively.
And once again a big thankyou to Kath McCabe for your write-up you in the Sydney Daily Telegraph. Pretty stoked with being compared to the likes of Matt Corby , Lanie Lane and our good mates the Underlights and Rufus. And a good review with our Happy Endings EP showcasing 'bizarre fusion of reggae , psychedelia and surf folk'. Cheers Kathy, you're great.
Don't be shy at our shows - come say hi , permanent marker in hand. We dare you !
Stay Sticky X

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jurassic lounging, Western jaunting

WA this weekend, and we're stinging to get there. Well, in Hollywoods case, as stinging as the couch ridden can be. We're waking him up special for this one!
There has been a change in the gigs the Sunday 4th gig is now at the White Star in Albany.
Apologies to anyone missing us in Freo but we'll be back!
Thurs Mar 01 Indi Bar Perth WA,
Fri Mar 02 Settlers Tavern Perth WA
Sat Mar 03 Ya Yas Perth Wa,
Sun Mar 04 The White Horse Albany WA
and ... the rest ...
2012 has been a Sticky swirl so far with already two state border crossings and many more to come on the 2Qetuilaz Tour.
Radelaide turned the hospitality (and some neat looking party people), oon. On.
And thanks to the north of the bridge Crowie Hoey hotel last for welcoming us with open arms to your local as part of the SLAM movement - a very good cause in our opinion.
Our single Sydney show at the Jurassic Lounge (at the Australian Museum), last night went nuts as well. A stock of good people, yes I'm thinking of you, Anton, Marco and Nick and Stylish.
And all you Sydney siders if you get the telegraph you would have seen us being compared to the likes of Matt Corby , Lanie Lane and our good mates the Underlights and Rufus this week. And a good review with our Happy Endings EP showcasing 'bizarre fusion of reggae , psychedelia and surf folk'. Cheers Kathy, you're great.
So come say hi at our next gig and we'll happily sign any body part of your choosing.
Stay Sticky X

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sti Fi 2012 tour .. EP out now thru MGM

Cheerin´to everyone that came out over the last few weeks to see Sticky espec the gigs at Woodford - and now with that and small E.C. tour madness behind we´re looking to the next Sti Fi tour.
The Happy Endings EP is out now - and thanks to JJJ for the play - and avail in shops thru MGM.
so ... yea, thanks again. Here's the upcoming dates.

Feb 11 Jetty Bar Adelaide, Australia
Feb 12 Glenelg Surf Club Adelaide (with Irie Knights),

Feb 23 Crows Nest Hotel Sydney Nsw,
Feb 24 TBC Hotel Sydney,
Feb 28 Museum Sydney NSW

Mar 01 Indi Bar Perth Wa (thurs),
Mar 02 Settlers Tavern Perth Wa,
Mar 03 Ya Yas Perth Wa,
Sun Mar 04 Norfolk fremantle Wa (with tbc)
Mar 08 Laundry, Melbourne,
Mar 09 Baha Tacos, Rye
Mar 10 espy Melbourne Vic,
Mar 11 The Front Bar- Canberra
Wed 21 &
Thurs 22 March Yours & Owls - the Gong

Mar 23 The Cambridge Newcastle,
Mar 24 Secret Garden Festival Sydney NSW,

Fri Mar 30 Beresford Hotel Sydney NSW
Fri Mar 30 tbc Sydney NSW


Apr 5 Gt Northern Byron Bay (easter thursday),
Fri Apr 6 TBC Brisbane
Sat Apr 7 Loft Goldie
Sun April 8th Sol Bar