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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Caress Your Bowl

We think this could be the best Sticky tour yet, with "Caress Your Soul" hitting No. 1 on the Australian independent releases chart - not quite sure what that means - and doing alright rotation wise on Triple J for the past three weeks and  .... plus it's gonna be the last major tour for the year.

A couple of lots of tickets are on sale now, for the Workers Club  go here:

as well as for the Gov in Adelaide - hit up the Gov site - so if you get the chance grab your ticket now.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


'There is something good about finding a band just as honest as Sticky Fingers high on the triple j rotation list. Another with that loose reggae feeling underpinning Caress Your Soul (Independant), which works as pop music, but not the disposable kind.'  - Drum Media, 7 August 2012.

'Sticky Fingers; they may be mental, but I'll forgive them if they keep making records like this' - 1SONGADAY BLOG

'When I read your track titles, I'm all like, "Eww dirty cock-rock band". And then I listen to your songs and I go, "Wow! Super talented chaps with great songs!". Keep the surprises coming!'
- Gemma Pike, Triple J

'Solid tune! these lads have been showing steady progression over the past few years, and this song has nailed it!'
- Nick Findlay, Triple J

'Man, how are you guys so consistent? This new single is such a tight jam full of crystal production and straight up cool charm. I'm a huge fan.'
- Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stoked that CARESS YOUR SOUL has made it on to
Triple J

AND onto the new Tone Deaf mix tape with The Darkness and King Gizzard. How about them apples.
Then there is our last big tour of the year, here's a preview of the dates...
AUGUST | FRI 17 |Townsville cultural festival
AUGUST |SAT 18 | Townsville cultural festival

SEPT | Sat 15 | The Gov | Adelaide, S.A

Tickets on sale now. Available via the venue.  (08) 8340 0744

SEPT | Thurs 20 | The Joynt | Brisbane, Q.L.D
SEPT | Fri 21 | Great Northern | Byron Bay, QLD
SEPT | Sat 22 | Sol Bar | Sunshine Coast, Q.L.D

SEPT | Thurs 27 | Indi Bar | Perth, W.A.
SEPT | Fri 28 | Settlers Tavern | Perth, W.A.
SEPT | Sat 29 | Prince of Wales Hotel | Bunbury, W.A.
SEPT | Sun 30 | The White Star | Albany, W.A

OCT | Thur 04 | Workers Club | Collingwood, VIC

Tickets on sale. Available via the venue.  (03) 9415 8889OCT | Fri 05 | Baha Tacos | Rye, VIC
OCT | Sat 06 | Espy-The Front Bar | Melbourne, VIC

OCT | Sun 07 | The Front Cafe | Canberra

OCT | Sat 13 | To Be Confirmed | Sydney, N.S.W
OCT | Sat 20 | Coolangatta Hotel | Coolangatta, QLD
OCT | Sun 21 | (Sunday Session Greenslopes, All Ages) | Brisbane, QLD

OCT | Fri 26 | Woollongong Town Hall | Woollongong, N.S.W
NOV | Fri 02 | The Standard | Sydney, N.S.W

On the weekend before last we cruised down king street. LOOSE sticky live gig on the back of a fire truck, with booze, car bombing, last minute changes and all round chaos. It almost didn’t happen which is a long story, won’t go into here, a few other bits of typical stickiness but in the end it was a blast, easily one of the funnest gigs we've ever done. There’s more footage on the net which we'll link you up to later.