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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jurassic lounging, Western jaunting

WA this weekend, and we're stinging to get there. Well, in Hollywoods case, as stinging as the couch ridden can be. We're waking him up special for this one!
There has been a change in the gigs the Sunday 4th gig is now at the White Star in Albany.
Apologies to anyone missing us in Freo but we'll be back!
Thurs Mar 01 Indi Bar Perth WA,
Fri Mar 02 Settlers Tavern Perth WA
Sat Mar 03 Ya Yas Perth Wa,
Sun Mar 04 The White Horse Albany WA
and ... the rest ...
2012 has been a Sticky swirl so far with already two state border crossings and many more to come on the 2Qetuilaz Tour.
Radelaide turned the hospitality (and some neat looking party people), oon. On.
And thanks to the north of the bridge Crowie Hoey hotel last for welcoming us with open arms to your local as part of the SLAM movement - a very good cause in our opinion.
Our single Sydney show at the Jurassic Lounge (at the Australian Museum), last night went nuts as well. A stock of good people, yes I'm thinking of you, Anton, Marco and Nick and Stylish.
And all you Sydney siders if you get the telegraph you would have seen us being compared to the likes of Matt Corby , Lanie Lane and our good mates the Underlights and Rufus this week. And a good review with our Happy Endings EP showcasing 'bizarre fusion of reggae , psychedelia and surf folk'. Cheers Kathy, you're great.
So come say hi at our next gig and we'll happily sign any body part of your choosing.
Stay Sticky X

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