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Friday, May 25, 2012

a Couple new dates ...

Allo everybody, what's happening? it's Paddy here, bass player/ unofficially best looking member oh dem Sticky Fingers. We've been keeping real busy since wrapping up on the 2QETUILAZ tour with it's odd 40 shows of late 2011/ early 2012. For those who couldn't figure out how to pronounce 2QETUILAZ, you say it like this: TOO-KE-TEEL-AZ ... Hollywood can't order tequila right when he's drunk. Bit of an in joke. Actually a really stupid name for a tour looking back.

We're feeling pretty hot in the studio at the moment. The band recently recorded a whopping fifteen demos. Heaps excited to show off our new material in the coming months.

This week we had to do the near impossible task of choosing our favourite six of these demos for our third & hopefully best EP, which we've decided to name CARESS YOUR SOUL ... pretty cool huh?

Next week we're heading back into the studio to re record the chosen toons extra snappy like, before mixing, mastering, & releasing them out into the wild ... CARESS YOUR SOUL is looking to be released late 2012.

Until then, we couldn't resist the urge to play a few shows ...
JUNE | Fri 15 | *to be announced* | Adelaide, S.A
JUNE | Sat 16 | Jetty Bar | Adelaide, S.A
JUNE | Sun 17 | La Mar Surf Club | Adelaide, S.A
JUNE | Fri 22 | Sol Bar | Sunshine Coast, Q.L.D
JUNE | Sat 23 | Gt Northern | Byron Bay, N.S.W
JUNE | Sun 24 | The Joint | Brisbane, Q.L.D
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Friday, May 11, 2012

secret sydney gig ... coming up

We've got one ... coming up ...

also been back in the studies working on a bunch of new Sticky toons that'll make up the next EP.
We're stinging to get it done.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sticky surf & fistful o Newtown

Ayup, back on deck, just thought we'd let you know we're heading back into the studio at the begining of May and running thru another 5 or so songs. This is heading toward our next EP, anbd we're looking to put out a single in June then the EP later in the year. We'll be keeping you posted on that one. In the meantime, we've just wrapped the tour as Beaks' letter below says. There have also been a couple of new Sticky appearances: firstly a clip made of our Newtown festival appearance last year. It's tops. SEE IT HERE more shortly ...