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Friday, June 25, 2010

headline @ melt .. filming

headline at Melt bar tonight!
the Sti fi headline for melt bar is on tonight playing with Underlights and Sound Casino.
We've got a bit of action coming up in the next couple of weeks, filming on July 14th.
And releasing the tracks, starting with Juicy Ones.
We're also heading out to the Gong playing at the Grand on Fri July 29th

Monday, June 14, 2010

bondi fm and bondi festival

Stoked! the Bondi Festival was a cracking gig, a big crowd, a couple of thousand people all up and a good few hundred for our gig - so it was a real good day. We were co-headline and hopefully we'll be able to get some pics up soon, there was a photog there and I'm trying to track 'em down.
We also went into Radio Bondi last tuesday and played 3 acoustic songs, (Juicy Ones and Freaking Out included), did an interview with the pple there and generally hustled. Did anyone record it? I'd like to hear it back.
Was all a bit of fun. Looking forward to the next time. And a shout to Adiv who dj's there as well.
For the next month or so we're writing a bit and putting together a new set while we wait to get back our mixes.
C'mon Nick!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Recording etc

S'y F's went in and tracked for 4 songs at Megaphon on frid, finally think we have a version of Willow Tree, after a couple of attempts, plus a couple of oldies and new one, Headlock - that we first played at the last gig at Ox Arts.
There's a new pic up under the pic tab from that Ox Arts gig as well:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

chasing Nick

Does Nick (Huggins) exist?
Do you know him?
We've never seen him, so we have to believe our manager.
And he says he does.
He loves what Nick does in the studio, loves it so much that we sent our recordings to him so tha the could wave his fairy dust over them.
but ... we haven't heard back (well, we have but not for for a while).
Mind you, the roughs we've heard are sensational.
We're all stinging to hear 'em.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

OxArts pics ... more recording

Back in the studio this week at megaphon to put together a couple of bits and pieces before beaks leaves to have a bit of a break.
All this recording is going to add up to an EP in Oct this year.

The good people at au review put up a couple of Sticky F pics of the last gig at OxArts and I can't get the damn link to work properly so i'm just going to put it in here and if you have time ... then have a look. They're alright.
up you go ... Au review Sticky Fingers Pics