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Sticky Fingers took the stage and the room nearly broke. Their very accessible brand of reggae/rock turned the crowd from respectable 18- to 25-year-olds to a dangerous mass of young heartbreak that very nearly collapsed the floor as the PA shook and shuttered, turning the mosh into a hardwood trampoline. There were people being thrown on stage looking like drowning cats in the Sticky-sea forcing security guards to take the stage and get their hands dirty, as bassist Patrick Cornwall cheekily pointed out, “I think they want to rap or something” 
Nick Leighton Drum Media Nov 2012

'There is something good about finding a band just as honest as Sticky Fingers high on the triple j rotation list. Another with that loose reggae feeling underpinning Caress Your Soul (Independant), which works as pop music, but not the disposable kind.'  - Drum Media, 7 August 2012. 

'Sticky Fingers; they may be mental, but I'll forgive them if they keep making records like this' - 1SONGADAY BLOG

'When I read your track titles, I'm all like, "Eww dirty cock-rock band". And then I listen to your songs and I go, "Wow! Super talented chaps with great songs!". Keep the surprises coming!'
- Gemma Pike, Triple J 

'Solid tune! these lads have been showing steady progression over the past few years, and this song has nailed it!' 
- Nick Findlay, Triple J

'Man, how are you guys so consistent? This new single is such a tight jam full of crystal production and straight up cool charm. I'm a huge fan.'
Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J

When I first heard this, I thought they'd completely missed the point of why "Caress Your Soul" resonated so well. However subsequent hearings have had me finding this to be a major earworm, especially the fast talking bits - HIJINX punter on Australian charts site 2012

Shoving their jammy fists deep into a tub labelled dub-pop, Sticky Fingers pull out a fantastic, unique sound to call their own.  Sure Oz is great at producing kooky-pop-rock acts (Lime Cordiale, Loon Lake etc), but these Sydney boys really put some focus on bass in their music; and that gets me every time. They look like a bunch of crazy hippies but don’t hold that against them – they make amazing music. 

my new fave song! love it! love these guys!!! cant wait for them to come back to adelaide!!!
Carlsmeister - unearthed website


"Sticky Fingers, just when you think you've got them pegged, they surprise you. And they do it so nonchalantly you'll forget you were ever trying to peg them at all... These guys are better than any pithy metaphor I can come up with. Share them around."

- Bree Pickering Concrete Playground

"Reggae... it’s always refreshing to see a band coming up that put their own spin on it, and avoid the tacky clichĂ©s that seem to permeate so much of the mainstream of the genre these days.

- Jesse Hayward Music Feeds

"The boys were having a lotta fun and the crowd obviously liked it."

- Fiona Cameron Drum Media

"I'm kept on my toes by rascals like you."

Steph Hughes Triple J (Unearthed)

"I saw this band tonight and am shocked at how good it was. I had a weird urge to throw cash at them in the hope of helping their careers. Psychedelic Reggae Soulful Magic. I saw them in a dirty old pub, and everyone lost it. I lost it... They are UNKNOWN. Simply shocked."

Byrone Keane (fan) Facebook

"If their performance at Playground Weekender is anything to go by, Sticky Fingers is a group that has some how managed to magically combine whimsical English folk, West Coast psychedelia, and classic dub reggae and make it all work... surprisingly seductive, the lost soundtrack to a psychedelic surf movie. Really good group. ."

PUBLIC Magazine