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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Check it, hidding in the studio punchin out a melodic, melancholic, mega hectic melange of sound, singing songs about break ups and about feeling low and getting high (what we do best) , meant we could released our hectic new single "Caress Your Soul" for our up coming debut album and yes....last TOUR of the year (announcing soon).

So, yep... Psych, surf dub garage: Caress your Soul we think smashes it all together and we're pretty pumped.

Check out the song and the dates so you can catch a show!

Sticky Crew

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yo, Hollywood here,
So in the studio. Sitting here writing about it. Watching dizza bust out some choice vocal tracks. Been here all week with some serious meat being laid down by all the band. We recorded 14 demos over a few days which were a collection of songs from 1 year old to written just days before pre-production, more than half are fresh, BOOM! Really turned on by this batch of songs with some real standout numbers. We'll be hitting the road and trying them out in June.

JUNE | Fri 15 | Ed Castle | Adelaide, S.A
JUNE | Sat 16 | Jetty Bar | Adelaide, S.A
JUNE | Sun 17 | Glenelg Surf Club | Adelaide, S.A
JUNE | Fri 22 | Sol Bar | Sunshine Coast, Q.L.D
JUNE | Sat 23 | Gt Northern | Byron Bay, N.S.W
JUNE | Sun 24 | The Joint | Brisbane, Q.L.D
JULY | Fri 6 | Annandale | Sydney, NSW
tickets on sale for the Annandale