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Monday, June 14, 2010

bondi fm and bondi festival

Stoked! the Bondi Festival was a cracking gig, a big crowd, a couple of thousand people all up and a good few hundred for our gig - so it was a real good day. We were co-headline and hopefully we'll be able to get some pics up soon, there was a photog there and I'm trying to track 'em down.
We also went into Radio Bondi last tuesday and played 3 acoustic songs, (Juicy Ones and Freaking Out included), did an interview with the pple there and generally hustled. Did anyone record it? I'd like to hear it back.
Was all a bit of fun. Looking forward to the next time. And a shout to Adiv who dj's there as well.
For the next month or so we're writing a bit and putting together a new set while we wait to get back our mixes.
C'mon Nick!

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