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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the Dizza b'day blow-out

It's been a big week :: lets call it the Dizza's bday blow out.
It was Dizza's bday on Monday and the band got amongst it.
In the end the gig that was the next day ... wasn't.

We also got some new band shots then - apologies to the guys on Tues, we're still trying to work out what happened.
Nick Huggins is doing the mixes for us and he sent thru the first of them as well. They're sounding real good, Juicy Ones espec is coming along great.

We're also heading into our last night of the friday residency at Oxford arts and we'll be filming so that we can begin to put together a couple of clips soon. more on that later.
here are a couple of the shots.

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